Let's face it, we all have a snooze problem. In fact, we're all collectively snoozing so much that it's a wonder that alarm clock manufacturers continue to include the button at all in their most recent designs. If you'd like to actually, y'know, start waking up on time then you really should ditch your old alarm clock and start wearing a Shock Clock instead.


Born out of the most recent trend towards wearable technology, Shock Clock is exactly what it sounds like ? a wrist-based alarm clock which will shock you out of bed. No, it's not dangerous and it actually doesn't really hurt all that badly nor will it shock you right off the bat either. Shock Clock features 3 levels of "wake up" technology. It'll start with a gentle vibration which tends to do the trick in 80% of the sleepers tested, then it'll escalate to a particularly annoying beeping noise, and finally Zap! Your arm just got lovingly fried.

This is a product which is guaranteed to make you a morning person. That alone should make it worth every penny.

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This "Shocking" Alarm Solution Will Make You A Morning Person
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