Have you ever had that experience when you placed the remote on one side of the table, sat on the other side, and got too lazy to stand up and get the remote? You then had no choice but to watch all the annoying commercials and everything you wouldn’t want to see.

With this rotating coffee table, you can take your laziness to the next level by simply rotating the table to get whatever you want that’s placed on the farther side.


It’s also good when you have your friends over, and you’re eating and drinking together. You don’t have to reach out and pass plates and bottles. With a minimal nudge, you can just let the table do that for you.

In addition, because this table is three-tiered, with the upper and middle tiers rotatable, you can have more space to place your stuff. You just have to adjust them to the right angle.

Aside from the practical purpose it serves, this table is also a nice touch to your living room with its contemporary and stylish design.

Get this table now and make a statement in your own home.

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This Rotating Coffee Table is for both the Lazy and Artist in Us
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