Believe it or not, a good backpack could change your life. Rather than recommending that you spend more money on the Jansports of the world, we’d actually advise you to start living in a more functional manner by investing in something like the Alpha Industries X Manhattan Portage MOLLE Backpack. While the name of the backpack itself may be just a little bit much, we assure you that this backpack (which was designed for military operations back in the mid-20th century) focuses on function over form with its minimalistic and almost purely utilitarian design.


The Manhattan features numerous pockets (including one which can accommodate a 15” laptop) and is designed to allow for attachments such as pockets, flashlights, carabineers, packs, sleeping bags, etc. The fact that the bag’s capabilities can be expanded along with its military-grade materials and specs make the Manhattan the perfect bag for outdoorsy-types and survivalists alike.

You can buy your own Alpha Industries X Manhattan Portage MOLLE Backpack via Alpha Industries’ website directly for a cool $250.

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This Is One Of The Most Functional Backpacks Yet
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