Mercedes-Benz doesn’t only make incredible cars, they also make some of the world’s most advanced yachts as well. The image you’re seeing above is none other than the German company’s new Granturismo Arrow Yacht, a 46-foot-long behemoth that combines the feeling of an open boat concept with all of the benefits of a hull cabin vessel.

While the exterior of the yacht is forward thinking, sleek, and modern, the real gem of the Granturismo Arrow Yacht is found in its interior. Made to accommodate up to 10 people at one time, the entire interior is lined in exquisite eucalyptus wood and features an upscale bathroom, dressing room, and a bevy of luxurious amenities including a wine cellar, ice machine, air conditioning, and even a high-end audio system.


In terms of performance, the Granturismo Arrow Yacht is nothing to scoff at. Thanks to its two 480 horsepower diesel engines you’ll be able to cruise at a top speed of over 40 knots in absolute splendor.

If you’re the type of multi-millionaire who can afford your own Mercedes-Benz Granturismo Arrow Yacht then make sure you hurry and purchase your own. Only 10 boats will be manufactured and they’re limited to one per country.

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