Ambient lights, smoke machine, and wireless charging in a speaker? Yes, sir!

One look at Kalium Sound Heroes AD’OM won’t make you think it is a speaker or anything close to a speaker. It’s more like the trophy the actors get at an awards night, more specifically The Oscars.

But instead of a smooth statuette made of bronze painted with gold, AD’OM is made from ABS plastic with matte and metallic paints. Also, it has a polygonal design that makes it look like a knight in a modern armor.

The entire device is 42 cm tall and can also be used as WiFi extender, allowing you to connect up to 12 AD’OMs at the same time.

The driver is placed in the chest. It is a full range speaker that has a frequency response of 120 Hz-20000 Hz, an impedance of 8 ohms, and 20W peak power.

It supports Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and has 1 AUX input, 2 USB and 1 Micro USB ports, and SD card slot.

If you would like more bass, you may get the AD’OM premium; It comes with a subwoofer.

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This Futuristic Bluetooth Speaker is Living in 2027 while we're in 2017
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