Have you ever been told that you’re being moody, irritable, or otherwise unpleasant? Most of us get into “bad moods” without even knowing why, although deep down it’s clear that being in stressful situations is most likely the trigger.


We live in a world where everything is quantified, parsed, and analyzed. Why is it that no one has made a fitness tracker for your emotions? Well, someone has and it’s called Spire. Like other fitness trackers, Spire is a wearable which can be placed onto your belt buckle or pants. Once in place, the device collects information on your mood by analyzing your breath rate. Breathing, as it turns out, has a major impact on your stress levels and Spire even coaches you on your breathing so you can better handle whatever challenges life throws your way.

Spire is a gadget which may very well change your life for the better. That alone makes it worth every penny.

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This Fitness Tracker Actually Lets You Live A Stress-Free Life
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