We’re big fans of BackPAIX. Not only does this backpack have a whole bunch of pockets, a 15-inch laptop sleeve with a side zipper, channels specifically designed for charging cables, and a pocket for shoes, but it’s also the first bag to feature its very own smart badge system!


The “emoji backpack” as BackPAIX has come to be known as on the ‘net, is quickly taking the world by storm. Just one look at the  Bluetooth-enabled LED smart badge and you’ll immediately see why. Powered by a tiny 600 mph battery, users of BackPAIX will be able to toggle between biking, image display, and theft alert modes.

Biking mode, for example, will allow you to indicate direction you’re turning to via a control panel mounted on the front of your bike’s frame. Image display will allow you to show off your mood to anyone looking at your backpack, and theft alert will actually notify you if the bag is outside of a preset geo-fence which is determined by the location of your phone.

You can find out more about BackPAIX via the link below.

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This Emoji Backpack Is Our Bag Pick Of The Year
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