If Darth Vader rode a motorcycle it would definitely be the Ural Dark Force Motorcycle. I mean just look at this thing. With its beautiful all-black design, it just screams badass. Besides its 41hp, 749cc engine and Brembo brakes for quick stopping, it also includes an Endure bench seat with room for two more.

If you’re wondering where that “Dark Force” moniker comes from, it’s totally from Star Wars. In fact, the entire design of the bike has been inspired by the dark side of the force (there’s even a compartment for a Light Saber, which is also included on the side car).


For added piece of mind, Ural has decided to include a 2 year unlimited-mileage warranty which covers all parts and labor for the first two years of ownership at any of the 70 dealers and service centers nationwide.

Ural’s Dark Force bike is available for a limited time and only 25 motorcycles are being produced so if you want to purchase one make sure you hurry while supplies last!

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This Dark Force Motorcycle Is Totally Badass
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