The BMW Titan is the hottest motorcycle we’ve ever laid eyes on. While it’s unfortunately just a concept for now, this motorcycle was conceived of by the German firm to be the single fastest motorcycle ever created — hypothetically capable of breaking every land speed record on the books right now.


Beautifully angular and futuristic, the Titan Motorcycle Concept was created by Turkish designer, Mehmet Doruk Erdem, and features a hidden front wheel, exposed rear wheel, and a lie-flat position that conceals the bike’s true purpose. Of particular note are the multitude vents which are located all over the bike’s body and which serve to cool down the engine as you’re blazing through the city in the fastest motorcycle ever conceived of.

While we mentioned above that the BMW Titan Motorcycle is just a concept, that doesn’t mean you can’t find out more about it. Check out the link below for more information. Pricing and availability won’t be found on there, but at least you can drool over the sick pictures.

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This BMW Titan Concept Motorcycle Is Droolworthy
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