Do you need coffee to wake up? If you're like millions of Americans then your morning routine involves the following: get up, amble your way over to the coffee machine, haphazardly make your coffee, sit down, and imbue yourself with the energizing properties of your cup o' joe. Doesn't that seem like a bit too much of an arduous process just to get enough metaphorical juice to get you going?


Your morning process could be simplified if you own a Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock. This contraption actually uses induction heating and stainless steel ball bearings in order to get your water boiling and your coffee dripping into your favorite mug while you're catching some Zs. What's more, there's even a built-in housing for cream and sugar so you won't have to go to the kitchen to get that brew just right. The fresh aroma of your coffee getting made in your room will likely be more than enough to send your Pavlovian-trained mind into a frenzy and let you know that it's time to wake up.

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This Alarm Clock Doubles As A Coffee Maker
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