At least once in your life, your parents or grandparents asked you to looked for their reading glasses that are either on their head, in their hands, or right under (or above) their nose. It’s funny when you can find it immediately, but when the search ends up to be treasure-hunt like, it’s a different story. And that happening frequently is another different story.

So to save you owner hunting time, get this Keychain Reading Glasses from ThinOptics. As the name suggests, you can hook this to your keychain so it never gets lost (unless, of course, you lose your keys too. But we have Tile for that.).

These glasses have a bendable bridge made of titanium alloy, so you can fold it and place it in the protective case. The optical-grade lenses are polycarbonate and has a strength of either 1.50, 2.00 or 2.50. They also come with nose pad so you can read in peace without the worrying about these falling off.

We can’t think of any better gift for your old folks.

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ThinOPTICS Keychain Reading Glasses
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