If you’re an eagle-eyed tech aficionado then you’ve probably heard of modular tech. A couple of years ago this approach to technology was being touted as the future of smartphones — so much so that even Google got into the mix (before unceremoniously canning their Project Ara ‘Modular Smartphone’ project). Well, now modular technology has come to…chocolate? Meet the Complements Modular Chocolate, an edible treat that’s been borne out of a collaboration between design agency Universal Favourite and Bakedown Cakery.


These molecular goodies are made with custom 3D printed molds that create what amounts to edible legos that can be stacked in a variety of combinations to create your own creations. Flavors include classics like dark chocolate and strawberry in addition to more interesting tastes like pistachio and matcha. Other flavors include shortbread, black current, cookies and cream, vanilla, watermelon, cherry, lemon, and even fairy floss. More about these chocolates below.

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These Modular Chocolate Boxes Are Like Edible LEGOs
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