Motorcycles are inherently dangerous. You probably know that, don’t you? That being said, there’s jut nothing like the thrill of riding a hog into the sunset, wind whipping around your body, and the feeling of the open road in front of you. There’s a way to be safe while riding a motorcycle, one that few people know about — the Zona Rear View Motorcycle Camera.

Combining a rear-facing camera with a helmet-mounted display to give you a wide-angle view of the road behind you, you’ll never quite feel like you’re out of your element again, no matter how fast you’r going. What’s more, it has an adjustable arm that’ll allow you to put the display above or below your eye, meaning that you’ll never be distracted by the device itself. The incoming video stream from the bike-mounted camera is also stabilized to adjust for the bike’s movements, and the system also records footage so it can be reviewed in the case of an accident.

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The Zona Rear View Motorcycle Camera Lets You See What's Behind You At All Times
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