We think we’re getting so much closer to what fictional novels and sci-fi movies have been feeding us about tech and electronics. Case in point, this latest TV from Samsung called The Wall that’s not only massive with its 146-inch screen but also modular and utterly spectacular.

If you’ve come across Farenheit 451 where walls become TV, then The Wall is somewhat the embodiment of that technology. With its bezel-less display, you will definitely assume the surface it is mounted on is the TV itself. Hence if this TV is wall-mounted, someone who hasn’t seen it before may think you have just turned your wall into a fully-functional television set. This is probably why it is called The Wall.

What’s more, The Wall is modular, which means you may add or remove modules to get the screen size you want. But take note that you’re not modifying the hardware according to Gizmodo. Instead, you will be making changes to its display size probably dimming the sections that are not in use much like the technology you see on the giant scoreboards.

Another spectacular feature of this TV is its MicroLED technology that “uses an array of millions of individual, tiny LEDs to create the image.” Unlike traditional LED technology present in our TVs these days, MicroLED has the capacity to turn itself on or off individually.

As a result, you get better contrast— an infinite contrast to be exact just like the ones you get on OLED TVs. But what sets this The Wall apart is its 200 nits brightness that’s by far superior to any other LED LCD TVs. In other words, you’re surely in for a breathtaking ride every time you watch, particularly when the sources support HDR.

While its pricing and other details are not yet announced, Samsung mentioned The Wall will be available to consumers this year. When specifically? That we don’t know either.

For more information, watch this video or check out the link (“buy” button) below.

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The Wall: The world’s first modular microLED TV
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