One universal problem most of us face throughout the day is losing something familiar and not being able to find it. Most often, the elusive McGuffin is a car key, but it can also be a wallet, a phone, or your luggage at the airport. Whatever you have trouble keeping up with, the Tile App and homing beacon is here to help.

A single account can support up to 10 tiles, which means if you’re really, really bad about losing things, just tag whichever 10 items are your most elusive and allow the app to do its work. And that work consists of GPS tracking of all tiled items, automatic saving of the last known location (so no more tracing footsteps), and a loud alert letting you (or other Tile owners) know there is a lost item in the area. Each tile lasts one year and has no need for a recharge. Just order more, and you’re set.

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The Tile App And Homing Beacon
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