Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could make cheap wine taste like an expensive bottle of Bordeaux or Cabernet Sauvignon? Well, that’s exactly what the Sonic Decanter hopes to achieve. By using ultrasound technology, the Sonic Decanter brings out aromas and flavors that aren’t normally present in young wine along with an increase in tannins, producing a fruitier taste.

The Sonic Decanter was clearly conceived with ease of use in mind. Its design is markedly minimalistic, featuring a single red button in the middle which starts the ultrasonic energy transfer which will transform the wine. To use it, you simply add 2 cups of cold water to the base, remove the cork of the bottle you wish to improve and then place bottle in the base. The entire process takes a mere 20 minutes and the result is a richer, smoother wine which will be sure to impress your dinner guests.

That’s not all though, the Sonic Decanter features a Bluetooth control app so you can customize the run time to suit your particular tastes. Truly a must have for any wino!


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The Sonic Decanter Gives You The Midas Touch Of Wine
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