For decades the Smart Home has been the dream of just a few tech luminaries like Bill Gates. That is, until products like the Smarter Home Starter Kit showed up on the scene. The Smarter Home Starter Kit includes sensors which will let you remotely open and close doors, and turn lights/appliances on or off. There’s also a motion sensor along with a presence sensor which double as a home intrusion monitor as well as allowing lights/appliances to turn off or on when you are near.


Most importantly, the Smarter Home Starter Kit includes the SmartThings Hub which acts as the “brain” of your Smart Home, collecting data from various sensors and pushing them out to your smartphone so you can control and monitor your Smart Home.

SmartThings, makers of the kit, claims that installing the SmartThings Hub and sensors takes only 15 minutes and does not require messing around with wires or even a particular sense of handiness. What’s more, The Smarter Home Starter Kit is meant to be open and compatible with other Smart Home products, meaning that your Smart Home will only get smarter with time.


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The Smarter Home Starter Kit Is The Future Of The Smart Home
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