If you’re a gamer at heart who’s tired of getting their screen smudged while trying to play on your iPhone then the Signal RP1 is for you. The RP1 looks like an Xbox/Playstation hybrid and pairs seamlessly to your smart phone via Bluetooth.

You’ve probably seen game controller for smart phones before though, so what makes the RP1 different? The strength of the RP1 lies in its perfect design and size. Previous iOS game controllers have been too small, lacking buttons, or uncomfortable to hold. The Signal RP1 on the other hand seems to be designed with console game controllers in mind featuring two analog sticks, a D-pad, shoulder triggers, and four buttons. Anyone who’s ever gamed on a modern game console will be able to pick up this controller and game, and as the Nintendo Powerglove proved the controller which offers the least resistance to gaming is often the best controller.


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The Signal RP1 Is The iOS Controller You've Been Waiting For
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