Stop wasting time searching for wimpy SSD drives and start giving your computer the storage space it needs and deserves. Luckily everyone’s favorite Korean (sorry LG) technology supergiant has your back. Their new 2TB 840 Evo and 850 Pro SSDs will be a much needed addition to every Prosumer or Gamer’s desktop rig. What about laptops you ask? Well, Samsung is working on it. They say that they will be releasing similar cavernous models which are specifically designed for the mSATA and M.2 formats used in laptops.


Size isn’t everything when it comes to these SSDs, though. The 850 Pro in particular has some impressive read/write speeds which make it a record breaker in its own right. The era of bending over backwards to get blazing fast drives with decent storage is over. Of course, if you want to take this no-compromise approach you’ll have to throw done 800 bones for the 850 Evo with the faster and longer-lasting 850 Pro costing upwards of $1000.

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The Samsung 850 Evo/Pro Is The Last SSD You'll Ever Need
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