Having a hookah in our pocket can’t just be the dream of those of us here at inStash. If you share our passion for hookah to the point where you want one with you wherever then maybe you should look into the Reusable Buttonless Hookah Vape Pen.


This buttonless vape pen fills up with large amounts of vapor in just moments, and it even allows you to mix flavors in its atomizer — just like you would with a real hookah. Quick and highly efficient, it’s good for well over 300 charges meaning that this pen will be your perfect pocket buddy.

Not convinced? Our handy inStash bullet list might just do the trick in convincing you:

• Vaporizes multiple varieties of liquid at once for enhanced flavors

• 10-second continuous auto-shutoff prevents over-burning liquid

• Quick & easy charging lets you get back to use right away

Take advantage of special pricing via the inStash link below.

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The Reusable Buttonless Hookah Vape Pen Lets You Enjoy A Smooth Hit Wherever, Whenever
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