Looking for a convenient way to charge all of your Apple devices? Look no further than Pod Pro. This gorgeous looking multi-charger (and battery pack!) is actually able to charge both your Apple Watch and your iPhone in a way that’s so elegant that even Steve Jobs would have probably approved. It’s hard to overstate how genius the design of the Pod Pro is. Instead of having unappealing charging cables out in the open, they’re actually shoved inside of the Pod Pro turning it into an inductive charging station for your Apple Watch.


Pod Pro has a 6000mAh lithium-ion battery that can charge both your Apple Watch and your iPhone concurrently twice-over. Not bad for a device which only costs around $99 ($79 on pre-order). Shipments of Pod Pros are slated to start heading out to early adopters on October 30th so make sure you get in on that initial wave.

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The Pod Pro May Just Be The Best Way To Charge Your Apple Devices
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