The knife. This weapon (or tool, depending on usage) has had a history that stretches as far back as humanity itself. That’s why when the folks sat Bre & Co teased their new Origami Knife, we were a bit skeptical to say the least. How can a knife be any better than it has been for millennia? Well, let us be the ones to tell you that that sort of thinking is wrong. The Origami Knife is a cut above (pun intended!) the rest due to its beautiful design as well as practicality — practicality that is assured due to its maple wood handle that’s ergonomically designed to fit within your hands, making slippage a thing of the past. Speaking of ergonomics, it also features a spot for your thumb in the handle for a comfortable grip when you need its assistance.


The knife itself is 6.25″ long with a 3″ blade and weighs a mere 5.1 oz, making it perfect for those times where you’ll need to be cutting up loads of meat. More below.

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The Origami Knife Represents Superior Cutting Ability & Ergonomics
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