Swiss watchmakers just upped their game. In response to getting eaten alive by the like of the Apple Watch, timepieces coming out of everyone's favorite chronograph-making European country have doubled down on an analog-only mindset. They're unapologetically analog, so to speak. Case in point, the new Ochs und Junior Perpetual Calendar Watch.


As its name implies, this watch isn't for telling the time as much as it is about telling you what date it is. It'll correctly display the date for every month including February, quite a feat considering how irregular months can get. In order to address a key usability challenge that often arises with calendar watches, Ochs und Junior has decided to use analog dots to represent the year, month, and date. This means that they weren't forced to using an oversized display which distracts from reading the actual time.

More information can be found via the link below. If you want to get your own make sure you have $20,600 smackers on hand!

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The Ochs und Junior Perpetual Calendar Watch Is The Height Of Luxury
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