The next Indiana Jones is coming, people. Disney wouldn’t pay all that money to own the property and not do anything with it. Therefore, we all better get cozy with the idea of a person who isn’t Harrison Ford in the lead role. A recent rumor that Robert Pattinson was being eyed for the part turned out to be false, so we’re free to speculate, and that’s just what we’re gonna do. Here, inStash looks at seven actors that might make good IJ material. Then, we’ll share our final judgment, which we all know is gospel.

indy scott caan

1. Scott Caan

Caan’s acting career hasn’t been much compared to his old man’s, but he finally found some success as one of the leads on the reboot of Hawaii Five-O. He’s got the athletic build, the brownish hair, and looks rugged enough to fit into that brown fedora pretty well. Yes, he’s 38. What’s your point? Ford was 39 when the first Indy movie came out.

indy tom welling

2. Tom Welling

Welling has kept a somewhat low profile since ending Smallville in 2011. He’s got the experience playing an iconic character; he’s only about two years younger than Ford was during Raiders; no annoying baby face; and he was probably the only thing I liked about Draft Day.

indy chris pratt

3. Chris Pratt

Dr. Jones needs a sense of humor, and this guy has one. He’s also athletic enough for the role, and he’s one of the most likable actors in Hollywood. Only problem: he may be too big of a goof.

indy cam gigandet

4. Cam Gigandet

The villain in Never Back Down! Gigandet’s career should be further along than it is. He has a screen charisma that sets him apart from the pretty boys and baby faces that would make me physically ill in this role. Plus, he wants to work. In 2014, he has four films and a recurring role on the TV show Reckless. His look isn’t that far off either, and at 32, Disney could get a lot of mileage out of him as Indy.

indy joel edgerton

5. Joel Edgerton

Edgerton would be one of the older choices to play Dr. Jones, but not by much. He turns 40 this month, making him just a bit more up there than Ford was in 1981 when the original film hit theaters. He’s got the physicality down as well as the studiousness. He isn’t too big of a star to outgrow the part — at least not yet — and the man can act, probably better than anyone else on this list.

indy chris pine

6. Chris Pine

Pine made me believe he was Captain Kirk, and considering the Shatner-sized shoes he was filling, that takes some doing. The only problem with Pine is he may have his hat in too many rings right now. He’s Kirk; he’s Jack Ryan. A third iconic character might spread him too thin.

indy karl urban

7. Karl Urban

Dipping back into the Star Trek reboot well, we think Urban might fit the part pretty well. He can play tough guy — see Dredd — and also brings a lot of humor and intelligence to the Dr. McCoy role. Plus, nothing he’s done so far would overshadow the role of Indiana Jones.

And The Winner Is…

If we had it our way, we’d go with Urban, with Edgerton at No. 2. Sure, Urban’s older, but he’s youthful, has a great sense of humor and an awesome screen presence. He’s also a hard-working dude and a geek-at-heart, which means you’d probably need a bullwhip to run him out of the role.

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