Petcube is back with an all new feature that lets you give your best buddy a treat remotely. Called the Petcube Bites, this device has a built-in storage that can hold up to 2 lbs. of treats that are no more than 1 inch long.  Unlike other similar products that merely place the treats on the dispenser, Petcube Bites flings treats on demand or according to your set schedule. This gives your babies more feeding fun.

On top of that, Petcube retained its wide angle camera and two-way audio that lets you see and talk to your pet from a distance and even at night. What’s more, Petcube Bites incorporated motion detectors, so, you know, you detect movements.

What’s missing in this upgrade, though, is the channel that lets you connect with other pets and the laser light that amuses our furry friends.

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The New Petcube Lets You Feed Your Pet Even When You’re Away
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