In case you haven’t heard, Motorola just announced a new flagship phone — the Moto X Style. Featuring a bigger hi-def display and an impressive 21MP camera, the Style is a definitely improvement over last year’s Moto X even though it looks pretty much the same. The screen and camera isn’t even the best thing about the Moto X Style, that honor is reserved for the Style’s price point which comes in at a cool $399 unlocked.


Just a note for US based customers, Motorola has decided to brand the Style as the “Moto X Pure” in the US. The reason? Motorola’s market research team has determined that American customers are really concerned about having a “pure” Android epxerience. You got that for sure.

The Moto X Style/Pure won’t be on sale until September and it’ll only be available directly from Motorola, BestBuy, and Amazon (unlocked of course).  This might just be the phone that puts Motorola back on the map.

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The Moto X Style/Pure Is Motorola's Big Bet On Stock Android
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