New York City. The Big Apple. One of the top two places that everyone in every other part of the country/world aspires to at least visit once in their lives. Yet it’s also ridiculously expensive, filled with jack knobs who could care less whether you live or die, and, worse, one-bedroom flats for a gazillion dollars per month. As horrible as all of that sounds, I’d almost move there for The Meatball Shop.

An awesome Italian restaurant with four locations throughout the city, this place will make you sleepy just looking at their website. Filled with some of the heaviest, most delicious Italian cuisine in the country — we could tell from the photos — and recently featured in Fortune Magazine, the team at The Meatball Shop has earned a sterling rep one huge hunk of meat at a time. Menu is available on the website. If you’re in the area, make sure you plan a trip.

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The Meatball Shop
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