We live in an age of information, that much is for sure. Too much information. If you, like us, feel overwhelmed by all the notifications, photos, and who knows whatever else which is constantly flowing onto the various feeds on your smartphone, then we think it’s about time that you take a breather. And what better way than with ‘The Light Phone’?


Simple and beautiful in a minimalistic way, this device has no texting, email, or anything else that you’ve come to associate with a phone. In fact, you can think of The Light Phone as a phone stripped down to its barest essentials: it can receive and make calls, store up to nine numbers, and tell the time. That’s it. No texting, email, or anything else.

Want to find out everything from pricing to shipping and availability? Make sure you check out the official homepage linked below where you can conveniently order your own ‘Light Phone’.

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The Light Phone Goes Straight To The Basics: No Texts, Visual Voicemail, Or Emails
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