Leave it to the tech companies to ignore one of the most promising technologies of recent times: flexible displays. Luckily for us Jeff Andersen, an entrepreneur from Milwaukee, has decided that he isn’t going to keep waiting for the likes of Samsung or LG to bring flexible wearable tech to the masses — he’s going to do it himself.


That’s where the Infinity Fitness Bracelet comes in. It’s a radical new type of fitness device which wraps around your wrist giving you the largest display of any fitness tracker on the market yet. Once you’ve got it on, you’ll be able to track vital statistics like fat burned, blood pressure, blood oxygen, temperature, solar radiation, blood sugar, heart rate, skin temperature, and much much more. What’s more, the Infinity Fitness Bracelet actually doubles as a phone, smartwatch, GPS navigation system, and even camera control! It’s like a computer on your wrist, except that it looks fabulously nice.

Make sure you support the Infinity Fitness Bracelet via the link below. Without your support it won’t be able to come to market!

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The Infinity Fitness Bracelet Is The Future Of Wearables
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