Who isn’t tired of lugging around that old, clunky billfold, filled to the brim with old (and new) credit cards, business cards, photos of exes (whoops!) and so forth. Time to upgrade your wallet to the times…

The HuMn Wallet is an ultra slim, contemporary take on the traditional wallet. About the size of a business card itself, the HuMn Wallet Mini is made of top-shelf aluminum and coated in a silky smooth powder. Talk about durability and longevity: The Mini will, claims the manufacturer, outlast its leather/fabric counterparts by many years. It’s also totally customizable.

But the most significant thing about the HuMn Mini lies in its ability to protect your sensitive, personal information – i.e. credit card numbers – via two RFID-blocking, laser-cut aluminum plates, which securely envelope everything from business and credit cards to cash, and thwarts any thief’s attempt to use a RFID scanner to steal, namely, credit card numbers without you, the potential victim, ever suspecting a thing until it’s too late. FYI: Thieves use RFID (radio frequency identification) scanners to pick up the RFID transmitters already embedded in many credit and debit cards.

So, like you do other things in your life – e.g. car, cell phone, TV – it’s probably a great idea to give your billfold a sleek, secure, 21st-century makeover.

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The HuMn Wallet: Mini
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