If you’ve been reading inStash for the last couple of weeks, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve covered a lot of smartwatches. It seems like everyone and their brother has been rushing to put out their own take of what they hope will be the next big thing. One thing you’ve also probably noticed is that there’s a huge swatch of smart watches which don’t seem to be very good products. They either strive to do too much, suffer from bad build quality, or just aren’t ambitious enough.

Huawei Smartwatch

If despite all of the products which have been released, you find yourself still yearning for a little slice of computing on your wrist then you don’t have to look any further. Huawei’s newest “Huawei Watch” will probably win you over. This is a jewelry style watch that looks classy enough that you’ll probably draw no unneeded attention as you wear it with your favorite suit.  Furthermore, it’s a lot slimmer and features a smaller overall profile than the Moto 360 while offering many of the same capabilities that other Android Wear watches do.

The Huawei Watch features a 286 PPI screen, making it the highest resolution smartwatch on the market yet. Its internals are also comparable to a 2014 mid-range smartphone and that’s reflected when you navigate through menus or look at media on the device. All that style and power comes at a price though. It’s easily one of the more expensive smartwatches we’ve seen so far at $999 on Amazon.


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The Huawei Watch : The Smartwatch With A Fashion Statement
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