Remember the previous post on the Hippie W? If you loved that product, you'll also like the Hippie Nano Vaporizer since it's as durable and efficient as the Hippie W. It is even considered as the world's smallest vaporizer for liquid with great durability and efficiency.

The Hippie Nano Vaporizer is a true, compact, and ideal vaporizer that features a pre-heating function, as well as, a changeable voltage control. It is the perfect alternative or solution if you're sick of carrying those big and bulky standardize sized vaporizers. This compact and tiny vaporizer is the best choice to be used when you're planning to enjoy your vaping sessions with disposable cartridges. For as long as the cartridge is compatible with any 510 thread, you're good to go.

To use the Hippie Nano Vaporizer, just fill the leak-proof tank (included in your purchase) with your favorite liquid and you're all set. Since this super tiny and compact vaporizer is designed for discretion, it can easily fit in your purse or pocket, making it invisible in your palm once you use it. It's the most portable, convenient, and on-the-go vaporizer you'll ever have.

The features of the Hippie Nano Vaporizer are as follows:

  • Change voltages between 3.4V, 3.7V, 4.0V
  • Pre-heat function for quick use
  • 510 Thread
  • 500 mAh battery capacity
  • Atomizer capacity : 0.5 grams

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The Hippie Nano Vaporizer: World's Smallest Vaporizer for Liquids
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