The upcoming robot revolution isn’t only manifesting itself in the form of chippy robot butlers. Case in point, the Gita Cargo Carrying Robot. As its name implies this robot is meant to move packages through the urban landscape as a sort of personal delivery system. Yep, you read that right: the Gita Cargo Carrying Robot is looking to make UPS and FedEx a thing of the past.


Measuring up to 26 inches tall and capable of carrying 40 pounds at a time with a top speed of 22 mph, this product has been conceived to accompany you without notice as you bike, jog, run, or walk to wherever you’re looking to go in a given day. In addition to following you during your commute, it can also move to a given location thanks to a an onboard GPS system. That very same GPS system and bundled CPU even lets it run a pre-mapped schedule, picking up lunch, packages, coffee, or whatever else you need. More below.

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The Gita Cargo Carrying Robot Is Your Personal FedEx
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