Can Air Pollution actually be useful? The students over at the MIT Media Lab think so. That’s why they’ve actually harnessed extremely detrimental pollution and have turned it into something that students, office workers, and pretty much everyone else who uses a pen will be able to use: Air Pollution Ink.

By capturing pollution at the source — such at’s exhaust pipe — the gunk that would’ve otherwise been turned into pollution is instead lovingly transformed into carbon black ink. For every 45 minutes of driving you’ll be able to capture 1 ml of liquid ink, which can then be used to fill your choice of 2mm, 15mm, 30mm, and 50mm markers, as well as the 150ml containers of screen printing ink.

Air Pollution Ink can be pre-ordered via the Kickstarter link below. Pre-order pricing starts at just $25 — a figure which is much cheaper than what it’ll end up costing when it hits retail shelves later on this year.

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The Folks Without Air-Ink Want To Harness Air Pollution And Let You Write With It
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