Some of us have never evolved past our Nintendo Gameboy. If that describes you, then this next item may not be up your alley. But for the Wii and Kinect crowd, The fEEL brings you the next chapter in virtual reality controls. With this fEEL Virtual Reality Control System, you not only get the game characters to do everything you’re doing, but you also get to feel everything they’re feeling.

Okay, maybe not everything. For example, if you fall off a building, you won’t feel the same splat, but if you pick up a baseball bat, knock a dinger over the fence, or smoke your opponents with a hard shot in volleyball, you’ll experience the same sensations. After all, as the team points out, what sense does it make to only have hand vibrations when you’re playing soccer? The fEEL is a gaming vest available now with up to six points of contact. Hello, Lawnmower Man!

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The fEEL Virtual Reality Control System
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