Want to know why the Everyday Messenger bag has the Kickstarter community excited enough to hand over $4 million in crowdfunding? Simple, this is just the best designed bag ever conceived of. So what describes the philosophy that went behind its design? Peak Design, the folks behind the Everyday Messenger bag as being the only bag “designed around the workflows of photographers, creatives, travelers and commuters.” What that means in layman’s terms is that this bag is able to accommodate all of your gear, no matter how clunky.


Just how did Peak Design achieve that? It’s all about their FlexFold™ dividers which allow the bag to expand and contract depending on load. What’s more, the outer semi-rigid shell can expands from a capacity of 13.5L to 20.5L without the need for slack material. Because literally no one likes floppy messenger bags. Another great feature is the Everyday Messenger bag’s MagLatch™  technology. MagLatch™ is a digital-safe magnetic latch that opens/closes securely, blindly and one-handedly. It can latch onto 4 different points, depending on what you’re carrying making for a comfortable experience. Want to join the over 17,000 other people who are getting their hands on their own Everyday Messenger bag?  Check out Peak Design’s campaign page and become a backer while you still have the chance!

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The Everyday Messenger Bag Is The Best Bag Ever
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