When we first came across Emergency Drinking Beer, we admit we were a little perplexed. Why would we want to stow away a beer for emergencies? Well, think about it: a nice cold one during an actual emergency might actually be what you need in order to handle any situation.

That’s where the Emergency Drinking Beer comes in. Not only named for a specific, frantic occasion, it’s actually worth drinking during your day to day as well. This pilsner is includes citrus zest, Portuguese sea salt, and lemon grass during the brewing process in order to achieve a crisp, tart, beverage that’s both low in alcohol and easy to drink.

The Emergency Drinking Beer is perfect for muggy summer days, so make sure you stock up for the season by checking our Wild Heaven Beer’s official website via the link below.

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The Emergency Drinking Beer Is The Ale For When It All Hits The Fan
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