Unfortunate (and somewhat hilarious) name aside, the Douchebag could be one of the most convenient and comfortable ways to carry your surfing or skiing gear. You can attach it to your back as you would a backpack and carry longboards and skis comfortably in the same way that you would a full-time schedule’s-worth of college textbooks. However, this is actually easier because the weight is more evenly distributed over a greater area, and the material allows you to use the ground for stability while walking or running with this thing affixed to your person. And since the Douchebag itself only weighs in at around 7.5 pounds (sans contents) we don’t think you’ll have any problem adding it to your supply of outdoor gear.

Perhaps best of all is the fact that, when it’s not in use, the Douchebag compresses nicely and makes for what we imagine would be one heck of a pillow in the empty state. And we’re sure this isn’t what they designed it for, but in an empty state, it could make for perhaps the greatest sleeping bag ever created. (Don’t laugh, you never know when the weather conditions might require it!)

As for the company, Douchebags is a global brand — some brand! — that promises to provide the modern explorer with the lightest and smartest travel gear. Developed as a collaboration between skiers, snowboarders, surfers, designers, engineers and airport baggage handlers as well as the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, this is a product that takes a smarter approach to gear-based travel and adventure.


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