The Cave tent from Heimplanet is an inflatable tent whose geodesic design is based on the molecular structure of a diamond, one of the most stable structures in nature. That makes it an incredibly sturdy place to camp, and it sure doesn’t hurt that it looks like something out of a 1970’s sci fi movie.The backbone of the design is an inflatable “diamond grid” of self-supporting beams. They take less than a minute to blow up with a standard hand pump, and are divided into separate air chambers so if one of them gets damaged, say by a sasquatch bite, the whole thing won’t come down on top of you.

Supported by the grid are an outer and inner tent of lightweight, breathable fabric that provide space for up to six people sitting or three people sleeping. There’s also the requisite waterproof ground sheet, sewn-in storage bags, and a detachable gear loft for stowing stuff at the rooftop or hanging a lamp.

And when the fun’s done, it takes about a minute to deflate again into a very compact pack.

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The Cave | Inflatable Diamond Grid Tent
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