Just because it’s the wintertime doesn’t mean you can’t have a great weekend party! Now that the Boombotix Boombat Bass Station is on the scene, you too can own a waterproof Bluetooth speaker with 15W subwoofer dock that’s fully capable of getting a party going with just the push of a button. This rugged speaker system, which has such a rich bass that we can hardly comprehend it, consists of two harmonized speakers that combine the convenience of a portable speaker with the crisp sound of a home audio system. You can even control the Boombot with Siri or Google Voice, making it the best of the outdoor and indoor worlds.


The Boombot Bass Station can:

•Be split in two for extra portability.

•Store tunes & podcasts locally on the 2GB flash drive

•Be taken to the beach (and in the water!) thanks to an IPX7 water resistance rating, making it waterproof to 3 ft. deep

•Control the track or volume w/ Siri or Google Voice controls

•Get the crew together using the built-in speakerphone to take calls

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The Boombotix Boombat Bass Station's Loud Sound Will Get The Party Started With One Button Press
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