Remember Zboard? The 2012 smash kickstarter hit promised to be the first weight-sending electric skateboard. Basically, riders lean forward on Zboard to accelerate and lean back to engage the brakes. Well, it’s 2015 and a new Zboard has been announced. Zboard 2 is lighter, faster, and has a much longer range than its predecessor.

Much like the first Zboard, Zboard 2 comes in 2 different flavors. Board 2 Blue weighs 16 lbs, has a range of 16 miles and can be recharged in just 1.5 hours. Board 2 Peal on the other hand, weighs 2 pounds more and takes one hour longer to charge up but has a range of 24 miles. Both Zboards are powered by a 500w brushless motor and have a maximum speed of 20mph. The brushless motor system allows the board to be pushed with your legs long after the battery has run dry. What’s more, Zboard 2 actually features regenerative braking meaning that leaning back actually recharges the battery.


Another new feature in Zboard 2 is the built in LED head and tail lights which increase the safety aspect of the board. There are also new footpads which are larger and more sensitive to your movements so Zboard 2 will be easier to ride. 2015 may not see the rise of the Hoverboard, but at least we can all ride on this totally rad electric skateboard!

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The Best Got Even Better: Zboard 2 Is Finally Here
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