Every month we here at inStash have a new car crush. This month, it’s the Bugatti Chiron. As the sequel to the 268 mph Veyron, the new Chiron is even more complex and advanced than its predecessor. With over 1,800 individual parts to assemble, over 20 people work round the clock to bring this fantastic automobile to life in their “Atelier” in Molsheim, France.


That’s enough about the background of the Chiron, though. Let’s get down to the specs, shall we? Well, the supercar has its own ventilation system for vehicle cooling and pollution controls. It also has a bevy of new amenities in the interior as well as an aerodynamic body that looks as good as anything else that Bugatti has ever put out.

With a total production time of approximately two months, it’s clear that the Chiron is a work of painstaking craftsmanship and engineering, and one of the few cars in the world to truly earn the title “super”.

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The Best Gets Even Better: Meet The New Bugatti Chiron
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