Whether you’ve had a bad day at the office or are looking to set the mood this upcoming Valentine’s Day, Bed Tent is here for you. As its name implies, this sleep accessory can attach to nearly any sleeping arrangement and block out unwanted light all while providing exceptional levels of privacy and isolation from the outside world. In addition to being able to do an exceptional job of blocking light, it also has zip doors on both sides, mesh windows at the head and foot of the bed that can provide added airflow or close for added privacy, and zipper pulls on the inside and outside that make it as easy to exit as it is to enter.


The ease of use, setup, and privacy-ensuring features makes it clear that the Bed Tent is perfect for dorm rooms or barracks. Make sure you get your own by clicking on the green “BUY” button linked below which’ll redirect you to the manufacturer’s website. The Bed Tent is available in a variety of colors (to match your sheets, of course) as well as sizes ranging from Toddler to King size.

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The Bed Tent Provides Exceptional Privacy While Blocking The Sun's Rays
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