While Nintendo may have put out an “official” NES re-release only some months ago, the fact of the matter is that there’s no better way to play NES games than with an Analogue NT Mini. Made from a single block of aluminum, it’s not only much more stylish than Nintendo’s own NES Classic Edition but is also smaller, coming in at nearly half the size.

While you might think that a smaller console can only be made possible by using inferior components, you’d be wrong. The fact remains that the Analogue NT Mini uses only the best and highest quality video and audio components for the ultimate retro-gaming experience. What’s more, thanks to the company’s Retro Receiver tech you’ll also be able to enjoy seamless wireless controllers which feature virtually zero lag. Add to that HDMI output and upscaling, and  you have the single best NES console that the world has ever known.

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The Analogue NT Mini Remains The Ultimate Way To Play Classic NES Games
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