The age of the personal jetpack is finally upon us! Martin Aircraft has recently announced that it’ll be selling its manned jetpack product in Q3 2016 for around $150,000 smackaroos.

Martin Aircraft’s personal jetpack has been in development for the past 35 years and  is powered by a 200HP V4 gas engine that powers two ducted fans for up-to 30 minutes of flight time. The company claims that it can carry a payload of up to 265 pounds and attain a top speed of 45 MPH with a maximum altitude of 3280 feet.


Martin Aircraft believes that jetpacks will eventually become an alternative to traditional helicopters due to the ability to fly into confined areas and land on rooftops covered with wires.

While those who can afford their own jetpack are definitely able to buy their own, Martin’s chief executive Peter Corker says that they’re mostly intended for sale to emergency responders such as police, fire, and ambulance services in addition to “government agencies” (read: 007-like spies).

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The Age Of The Personal Jetpack Is Here
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