Let’s face it our inner cities aren’t the cleanest places, out there. From downtown to uptown and back again, a stroll down your nearest urban area will probably reveal heaps of garbage of all sorts. It’s become such a problem, in fact, that one enterprising young team has decided to get people to dispose their trash properly by turning into a game.

Meet the TetraBin, a next-gen trashcan which features a series of sensors inside the bin which then measure the size and shape of your litter before triggering the release of a block inside the Tetris-like game shown on the outside of the can via a LED screen. Each time you dispose of your garbage, the you gain control of a new block and, as a result, people are incentivized to throw more trash away in order to keep playing.

Want to find out more about the TetraBin? Check out the project’s official page via the link below.

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TetraBin Makes A Game Out Of Throwing Away Your Garbage
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