The creator of the Roomba might not be at the company anymore but that doesn’t mean he’s stopped innovating. Meet the Tertill Weeding Robot, a robotic servant that promises to do for your garden what Roombas do to dirt on your floor.

Built to be durable enough for the outdoors, it features extensive protection from the elements. Rain, wind, and even hail will be no problem for this device — although the manufacturer recommends that it not be operated during the aforementioned weather conditions. Still, the fact that it was built with such foresight makes it clear just how much attention was placed during the design and construction processes.

Tertill is powered by a solar panel on its top and has a variety of sensors inside of its body which allow it to patrol your garden every day, searching for weeds to eliminate. Whenever your little bot finds one, it utilizes a spinning string trimmer which cuts the weed off as near to the ground as physically possible.

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Tertill Weeding Robot Is Like A Roomba For Weeds
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