Are you a tennis player or tennis court owner? If you are, I bet one of the most frustrating and time consuming tasks you perform is collecting all those tennis balls scattered in your court. With Tennibot, the world's first robotic tennis ball collector, you no longer have to perform this task. It is a patent-pending ball collector that cleans up the court for you.

Tennibot allows you to focus more on your practice rather than spending time picking the balls up. This tennis ball collector can hold up to 80 balls and it can travel and collect those tennis balls on both hard and clay surfaces. It has a wide angle camera, bucket casters, handle, large bucket, drive wheels, front wheel for mobility, and arms to handle net and face.

The Tennibot is engineered with a computer vision artificial intelligence, 90 minute charge time, 4-5 hour usage, and 1.4 mph speed. It also features a Tennibot app for easy control and usage. Just turn on the Tennibot and the companion app will automatically connect to it. As soon as it's connected, it will guide you through the process.

The Tennibot app has a friendly interface that easily lets you decide what area you want the Tennibot to pick up balls. You can program it to work on the net, single side, or both sides of the tennis court.

Additionally, this first robotic tennis ball collector automatically lets you track the numbers of balls you used and how frequent you play tennis, allowing you to easily share your achievements on social media. It gives you the chance to:

  • Just continue improving your hits
  • Relax and rehydrate
  • Catch up with your trainer
  • Get tips from your partner or coach
  • Enhance your swings

If you're interested in purchasing Tennibot, you can reserve a unit on their website.

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Tennibot: The World's First Robotic Tennis Ball Collector
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