We love knives for all the purposes they may serve. And we love Tekto Gear for all its ingenious knife designs and durable craft. Hence, do not be surprised if you see us featuring them from time to time.

This time we are sharing with you Tekto Gear Vial Knives that are perfect EDC that can easily attach to your belt buckle or your keychain.

Its overall length is roughly 7” although the blade itself is only 2.45”. Its thickness measures 2.5mm, and it weighs a total of 30 g.

It may seem small, but it can cut and pierce like a full-length weapon. I haven’t tried stabbing someone with it, so I am not sure it can kill. But I guarantee that your enemy will at least be wounded. Although we at inStash do not encourage hurting other people at all unless it is self-defense. But we also do not have the capacity to find out how you’re using this knife, so…

Anyway, Tekto Gear Vial Knives are made of steel (for the handle) and a combination of chromium, nickel, and aluminum for the blade. It has a hardness level of 55HRC, which is considered “very hard steel” according to the Rockwell Scale.

According to Knife Center, knives with this type of material are also resistant to saltwater corrosion and has moderate edge holding.

In other words, Tekto Gear Vial Knives are created to last a very long time.

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