Once upon a time, I was in a hurry as I was running late for a meeting that I forgot to wear a deo (Yuck, I know!).

Knowing how sweaty I get, I am aware I won't survive the day without wearing one. Or maybe my colleagues won't survive it, but anyway, long story short, I rushed to the nearest convenience store, grabbed the smallest antiperspirant, and ran to the men's room.

You can imagine my dismay when I couldn't tear the damn thing open. I looked for anything sharp in my bag, but all I had was my laptop, phone, and wallet. I tried the keys, but my teeth were apparently sharper. So teeth did I use.

That's a kind of long introduction, but I was just trying to convey how necessary it is to have knives as part of your EDC. But of course, it shouldn't be conspicuous that you'll scare people you meet. Case in point, the Tekto Gear automatic knives.

Some of the models the Tekto Gear automatic knives have on board are the Cutter, the smallest and lightest knife (1.9" blade) for regular cutting; the Rapid, the strong serrated-blade knife that may be used as glass window breaker;  the Spry, also a glass window breaker but is double-edged instead; and the Takt, also a serrated-blade knife that's strong enough to break window glasses.

Prices start at $60 instead of $100.

So either buy one of these or remember not to forget to put antiperspirant on.





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